5 Amazing Facts About Birds!

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A surprising number of birds live long lives. Some species have been known to live into their sixties. Albatrosses, for example, can live into their 60s. Hummingbirds have high metabolisms and may live for years. Long-lived avians are generally larger and take longer to reach maturity. Some species even live on islands and trees. But despite their long lifespans, birds still have some amazing qualities. Here are 5 amazing facts about birds!

Birds evolved from warm-blooded arboreal creatures. The development of forelimbs for flight and the hindlimbs for perching is a common evolutionary pattern. Once these features developed, birds went on to develop many different forms, which subsequently led to their diverse appearance. Today, the largest known flying bird, Teratornis incredibilis, stands at approximately 165 feet tall. However, this giant was not born with a giant brain.

The feathers of birds are highly modified and functional. A spiral feather on the tail of the King Bird-of-Paradise, for example, serves as an ornament during a male’s courtship display. The spiral feather is made of barbules on only one side of the rachis, making it a highly attractive medallion. For this reason, feathers are a major part of birds’ lives. You can read about their feathers below.


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