Poke the guy


A fast paced slot machine game like Poke the Guy guarantees a fast winnings and it is one of the best casino games to play in case you have the time and are familiar with slot machines. The game itself consists of two phases: the’slots’ phase and the ‘coin’ phase. At the start of the game, players get a bonus amount when they place their bets.

When the players tap the balls towards the reels, they get bonus money. If a player strikes The Guy in the middle, he or she would receive the same reward value, either of 2x, fourx, eightx, twelvex or the maximum prize of 500 dollars. Players just have to tap the circular weapon of their choice randomly on the slot machine’seker and in the random direction, and the object of the selecting will be randomly launched towards the beasts direction. Players have to avoid the fireballs or else they would be counted as bets. However, one should be wary not to trigger the fireballs by accident, for the game considers the colliding of the angles with the walls as hits.

To conclude, there is no doubt that this game has a lot of unique features. In addition to this, the unique gameplay and presentation make it stand out from other similar slot games. Besides, it is one of the few arcade games that are available free online. However, the free online version is relatively weak compared to the enhanced and full version of the same game. It should also be noted that while the microgaming is good, it lacks in comparison to other arcade games of a similar genre. This is probably the only bad thing about Poke the Guy.

Another unique aspect of Poke the Guy is the fact that you do not need to have a lot of money to play the game. You can simply start the game by choosing a name from the given list and then continue betting by inserting coins into the designated slots. When you want to place a bet by using real money, you have to purchase real money from the PayPal website, which can be done quite easily. The game does not require you to have any particular strategy to win the game. You simply have to remember two important factors and learn how to use them: the high and low percentage points and the bonus rounds. In other words, learn to maximize the chances of winning by calculating the incoming high and low percentage points.

As already explained above, the game has its special features that differentiate it from other slot games. Among these is the fact that you do not need to have any money to play. Also, you will see that the free spins of three special reels will give you more money than the reels with regular paylines. Finally, all these special features are not available for free spins of other reels.

As you see from the above description of the Poke the Guy, it pays to remember that there is an opportunity to get more money by making fewer bets on bigger paylines. The strategy here is to multiply your bet by the number of free spots you are allowed to watch before you decide on the bet to place. The idea is to bet 500 times and earn 500 points towards your virtual winnings.

One thing you should note about this game is that it works exactly like the traditional slots. Once you enter the room, a cute guy will stand at the entrance ready to accept your coins and randomly place them in a pot. The object of the game is to enter the room and watch carefully how the reels work. Eventually, the lucky player gets to choose a random slot and spin it. This is where the fun begins: the player can decide to poke the guy for coins (the virtual slot machine pays more for such action), choose to place a bet, and even choose to double-spend to get double the payout.

You can play this game in many ways. Some people like to see who can perform the fastest when it comes to picking numbers and spinning reels. Some players prefer to have a set of predetermined paylines and work toward a specific goal. In fact, you can play the game in ways that allow you to decide how you want to play and still earn the same amount of money. Whether you want to see who can have the fastest times and highest paylines or just want to have some fun with an interesting slot machine, you can do it with Poke the Guy.


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